My artwork in Apeldoorn

During the summer holidays I visited CODA Paper Art 2019 at the CODA museum in Apeldoorn. The exhibition was very interesting and visitors got the opportunity to make a collage themselves. Immediately I decided to participate! While my husband was waiting and also my daughter had to keep her patience (after she had finished her work long before I finished mine…) I was still pretty busy using paper, scissors and glue…

Despite the pressure of time I was very satisfied with the result of my hard work. I liked my work Fade Out Lines so much that I rather wanted it to take it home with me. But… exposing this work at the CODA museum was a very tempting thought as well! Of course my collage isn’t the only one on display. So if you are to check out this exhibition yourself at the CODA museum you have to search for my work!

See the agenda for more information.