Although no more Kunstcafé Drechtsteden had taken place since mid-March 2020, 'The Connection 2020' continued anyway with a real life presentation on October 3rd. The theme was 'Solidarity'. Of course I also took part again and made a work focused on this strange corona period. If you look closely, in 'Times like these / Do what you can' you will find many references to how we experienced the first lockdown in the Netherlands in March, April, May 2020.

Of course I also presented my work, although it was at an appropriate distance from all other participants!

Presentation art project ‘The Connection 2019’ at Kunstcafé Drechtsteden

For the 3rd year in a row I participated in art project ‘The Connection’. This year the theme was ‘Tide/Tidal area’. Together with 20 fellow artists I showed my artwork during a pop up exhibition. With this exhibition Kunstcafé Drechtsteden’s new season started.

Please take here a look at this artwork ‘The flood’.

My artwork in Apeldoorn

During the summer holidays I visited CODA Paper Art 2019 at the CODA museum in Apeldoorn. The exhibition was very interesting and visitors got the opportunity to make a collage themselves. Immediately I decided to participate! While my husband was waiting and also my daughter had to keep her patience (after she had finished her work long before I finished mine…) I was still pretty busy using paper, scissors and glue…

Exhibition 'Women' library Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht

The national Boekenweek [Literature Week] is starting soon. This is the reason why the library in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht organizes an exhibition in March 2019 on this year’s theme ‘Women’. 17 participants of Kunstcafé Drechtsteden join this exhibition and so do I! You are more than welcome to visit this exhibition during opening hours.

Check the agenda for more information.

Exhibition STA-ART

At November 9th 2018 mayor Spies opened the exhibition at Sta-Art in Alphen aan den Rijn. Two pieces of my artwork are on display as well!

And yes… of course I was in the front row and after that you could find my face in weekly ‘Het Witte Weekblad’ at November 14th, 2018.

Yes! Another exhibition: in Alphen aan den Rijn!

This detail is part of one of my artworks to be seen from November 9th until december 14th, 2018 in Galerie Alphen Art. Curious? You are more than welcome!

Click here for more information.


Opening Gorcums Golden Age-NOW! 2.0

At November 1st, 2018 alderman Dick van Zanten opened the 2.0 version of art project Gorcums Golden Age-NOW! arranged by Kunstcafé Rivierenland in the city hall of Gorinchem. Everybody is more than welcome to come and see my work ‘Don’t be so shy’ and that of the other participants.

The exhibition takes place until January 4th, 2020 during opening hours of the city hall.

Presentation art project ‘The Connection 2018’ at Kunstcafé Drechtsteden

At October 6th, 2018 Kunstcafé Drechtsteden’s new season started with the 2nd edition of art project ‘The Connection’. This year all 20 participants were inspired by the theme ‘Women’.

Not only did I present ‘The Connection 2018’, I also brought an artwork with me. Check here for more information about this piece of art ‘Hard out here/I am woman’.

My artwork for Gorcums Golden Age-NOW! has arrived!

From Saturday September 15th 2018 art project Gorcums Golden Age-NOW! will be open to the public. With many thanks to Theater De Vijf Zinnen I situated my artwork in their shop window this morning. The technician of the theater took care of the lights. Now my work will be seen in the dark too!

Over 30 artists were inspired by a painting made in the Golden Age, painted by artists from Gorinchem. I choose the painting ‘Musicians’ by Gerard van Kuijl.