Opening Gorcums Golden Age-NOW! 2.0

At November 1st, 2018 alderman Dick van Zanten opened the 2.0 version of art project Gorcums Golden Age-NOW! arranged by Kunstcafé Rivierenland in the city hall of Gorinchem. Everybody is more than welcome to come and see my work ‘Don’t be so shy’ and that of the other participants.

The exhibition takes place until January 4th, 2020 during opening hours of the city hall.

Over 30 artists were inspired by a painting made in the Golden Age, painted by artists from Gorinchem. I choose the painting ‘Musicians’ by Gerard van Kuijl. All works of art were exhibited before in the center of Gorinchem in shop windows and cultural institutions and could be viewed while walking along an art route.

All the artwork was exposed in the city centre of Gorinchem in shop windows and cultural centres